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Welcome to Call of Mini Infinity,an online third person shooting game.
The earth is on the brink of a large METEORITE IMPACT! The burden is on you to find a new place for people to LIVE. Colonizing a planet is not that easy and DANGERS lie ahead.

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35 years ago, humans discovered an inhabitable star known as Caron. They have started to gather a vast army of star warriors in preparation for an expedition to that planet outside the solar system. And you're the leader of this army! Take your army safely to the planet. When you land, build a base and set up defenses against incoming alien attacks. Then what's left is to conquer this planet completely!

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• Fluid 3D shooting gameplay
• Thrilling battles
• Use powerful skills to fight off enemies
• Upgrade armor to gain desirable buffs
• Command an arsenal of weapons
• Learn talents to customize the way you fight
• Cooperate with friends to defeat epic bosses

Call of Mini™ Infinity APK reviews

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Carine Gharzouzi review Carine Gharzouzi
It s super cool
Guys it s a really fun amazing game and if the creator ad a change between first person and third person i will so happy and for all "noobs" who lost their accounts sign in google play and facebook with the game and then u will never loose your account and really who lost their accounts are noobs!
Lucas Alexander review Lucas Alexander
Love the game
I love this game keep up the great work oh and in the next update can you add an online offline feacher so when you look at there profile and it would say if they online or offline this would help slot cause you like never know if your friends are on or not
ezra torres review ezra torres
Thx for adding more
Ricky Ortiz review Ricky Ortiz
I loved this game but now
it just shows me trinity interactive and then goes black why and has no sound
Andrew Schliesmayer review Andrew Schliesmayer
I would like new content... and lotz more free to play content.
Game - Tutorials review Game - Tutorials
I earned tCrystals and i got it but when i exited the game it disapperead, i did not buy anything and went back in time and it also happened when i bought my weapon but when i exit the app it refunded and i didnt get the weapon so i have to buy it again. I demand my 21 tCrystals as that was how much i earned but lost. My username is Ender49. Fix this bug as it just wasted my time and it is extreamly annoying
Sean Schwarz review Sean Schwarz
Why triniti? Why?
This WAS a brilliant game. Until it wouldn't let me play. Now it restarts at the beginning of each game making it impossible to play. What makes it so bad is that this was the best game I ever had on my phone. I have tried to contact triniti twice with no result or answer. Please, please, please fix this. If this is fixed, five stars I will give.
bryan martinez review bryan martinez
This game is awesome but one problem the money is to high to buy diamonds and some people are hard to defeat
maria lowe review maria lowe
Good but
Its good but I want an easy way to get crystals. Its either buy crystals or collect them. Collecting from outher people is hard because it only gives one crystal and I dont want to waste money. Please try and make a easyer way to get crystals. Please.
Josias Cantu review Josias Cantu
I hear complaints about hackers alot, some people in CoM are asking hackers to hack them gold or diamonds, but that's not how it works.There is even youtube videos on how to hack CoM. I'm not saying I'm a hacker or hacking is good, but I'm saying it's possible to beat hackers, I've beaten them before starting from level 14. I'm now level 21 and I can take challenges from hackers any day. It's not always the equipment, but the skill someone can have. P.S. I've fought a youtube hacker and won.
Michael Aguilar review Michael Aguilar
This game Is a piece of crap, all they try to do is take your money,I tried to get some gems and paid for them and got charged but I received nothing and even after I messages them about the problem,they did nothing.
Eon Ziggy review Eon Ziggy
More weapon pls
DropKickzStudios z review DropKickzStudios z
Not worth spending money on/ or activley playing
This game has many cool aspects to it but I gave it three stars because people who just start off are faced with with other players who are much higher level than they are. This matching system needs to be improved along with many bugs this game has as well. If these issues are addressed and fixed then I might rate it 4 stars.
Jayce mcIver review Jayce mcIver
Its great little laggy at times but good. Mabey if gems were earnd some how other then picking them up on the battle field but great game thanks.
Domenic Perrone review Domenic Perrone
The game is really fun . Especially when you get to the higher levels. Duking bit out with friends has never been so fun!!!