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Google Play makes finding and watching movies & TV shows easier than ever.

Buy or rent the newest movies and shows before they hit DVD or streaming. You can also search for titles to see which streaming apps offer them.
Anything you buy or rent on Google Play can be downloaded to watch when you’re not connected. Watch instantly on your Android phone or tablet, or on your TV using Chromecast.

New! See if a streaming service offers your favorite show or movie. Just search for it and check to see if other streaming options are available.

Find new shows and movies to watch in just a few taps - from family movies to award-winning crime shows
Give a thumbs up or down to get better recommendations for what to watch next

Buy or rent the newest movies and shows before they hit DVD or streaming apps
Add shows and movies to your watchlist to view them later

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Google Play Movies & TV APK reviews

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Yudish Sewok review Yudish Sewok
It sucks
When I write free movies it shows me movies that must be bought!!! Please don't waste your time!!!!
Brian Matei review Brian Matei
Play Movies is a pretty good service to buy and rent movies off. It's easy to access your content from multiple devices. The app looks and performs well. Showing actors in a scene when paused is a nice feature. The biggest problem with Play Movies is that the content is extremely expensive. Why should I pay $20 for an HD movie when I could buy the Blu-ray copy for $10 with better picture and audio, works offline, has special features, and is something that you own? That ruins it for me.
JULIAN Vreug review JULIAN Vreug
Most of my movies are through Google Play, works great majority of the time. I do get the license error from time to time but this is more due to the fact my internet speed has been cut down by the provider or poor WIFI connection. I like the fact you can download content but this is limited to my phone and would be nice if supported my Android TV to download movies into its internal memory or if possible share downloaded movies between Own google devices. 3D content would be good too. Its supported in youtube so a option to purchase 3D version would be great to see for thoughs who still think 3D is cool. Downloaded Content should able to be viewed offline. as quite honestly is cheaper to go to Kmart and buy a Blueray. So if we pay more for the movie on google we should be able to watch it offline if our internet isnt working.
Rachid Ayare review Rachid Ayare
I told them that the rental of the movie will expire in 3 hours and my wife she's at work and has her device that we download the movie my daughter 3 years old want to watch it in my device the costumer service said she's sorry she cannot help means my 3.99 is lost I feel it's not fair . This people are full of greed and think about others they are dishonest and they forget that people there the one who made them and need to respect that. This for Google CEO IF I RENT MOVIE OLD FASHIONED WAY I CAN BORROW IT FOR MY FRIEND THAT WILL MAKE LOSE money you think!!!!!!!!!!!
David Scott review David Scott
Doesn't play 5.1 dd and now doesn't play at all!
How lame, movies are only stereo. Useless Morons. Can't Google do ANYTHING right.
Joe Blue review Joe Blue
I can't play movies to my TV because???
So they only way to play movies on my TV through my phone is to get some bull$#!7 called a Chromecast that costs 35 bucks?! I just wanted to watch a 4$ movie but to do it I have to pay 40$... This is ridiculous
Rami Molander review Rami Molander
Missed opportunity – Big time My feedback: Google Play Movies is almost useless in Europe for those who prefer original soundtrack. You will need time and patience in searching. My questions to Google: • Why no language filter in your movie search? • Why are languages not under one movie title? Specifically in multi-language Switzerland every title shows 3 times in the list making searching slow. • Why no various sub-titles? In increasing international world it would be nice to watch movies with visiting relatives having subtitles in their language. • Why do you offer only small fraction of movies available in original language? I bet I am not the only movie fan not wanting to spoil 150 Million $ Hollywood production/director’s cut with dubbed voices (although they are normally of impressive quality). • Ultimately, why aren’t all films available with all languages and subtitles like in DVD/Blu-ray world? Let me challenge you: Apple revolutionized music business. Google with 100-fold resources has produced a lame duck movie app. This would have been an opportunity to change the world. What is your excuse? g. Rami
Steven Baptiste review Steven Baptiste
Very Sad
This app was good but now all the sudden my movie can't play quality garbage really disappointed help
John McNichol review John McNichol
Slow on everything... My phone, tablet, Windows PC and Chromebook. It is painfully slow and has never improved since I started using it. You are best off playing films through your browser on google play, that is how bad this app is.
A Google User review A Google User
***Update: As of 08202015 the app crashes and the phone automatically reboots itself every single time I press "pause" on my Nexus 4. ***Update: As of 09272013 Now working properly on my Nexus 4 ***Update: Plays "just okay" on my Nexus 4. ***Original Complaint: With the latest update, videos no longer play on my Motorola RAZR MAXX HD. Went from a 5 star app to a 1 star. I hope the issue will be resolved. I am also having problems with this app on my Chromebook.
Jack Payne review Jack Payne
Paid for title won't work
Paid for dredd to watch at work on my break won't work at all have done everything to try and resolve issue nothing worked in 2-3 days requested refund have still had no word from google store and now it's over my 14 day limit f**k you Google store for stealing my money and having no customer service.
Dallas Blake review Dallas Blake
Horrible update
Fix this! This player is worthless if it freezes sound and video every 30s, you had a decent player before the last 2 updates and now I can't even play a movie while I'm on a plane. Fix this! Someone should be fired for this horrible update, maybe don't have your programming interns code the updates.
sam eustace review sam eustace
Error ~1004 & ~38
Buy 2 films for my long haul flight from USA. Download no problem, loved the choice and easy UI. Unfortunately the offline mode didn't work. Long boring flight for me.
Daniel Schuh review Daniel Schuh
Google disrespect the user
Why can't I remove it if I want to? The whole reason I don't go Apple is not to be locked to their solutions. Now Google forces themselves over Android users?!
Lynne Gavaletz review Lynne Gavaletz
Very Disappointed!!!
Upgraded to a 10 inch tablet!! Excited to watch movies. Downloaded them and they would not play. Can only watch on Chromecast!! Really annoying!! I hope they fix this soon!