Kamus Inggris (Kamusku) APK

Kamus Inggris (Kamusku)
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Kamusku is an offline English-Indonesian dictionary and vice versa. It contains almost every popular words and additional not-so-popular words in English and Indonesia so you won't have any problem finding words in this application. In case the word can't be found, you can use online translation service (Bing Translator) through this application to translate your words.

Kamus Inggris (Kamusku) APK reviews

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Rafik Jay review Rafik Jay
Unavailable offline?
Is the new version unavailable offline?. The app can't be opened and suddently closes by itself when I disconnect my mobile data. I hope it fixed soon.
Kiagus Muhammad Nurcholis review Kiagus Muhammad Nurcholis
Problem solved
Thank you for solving the problem. It's a useful app.
If I suddenly want to translate this really useful for me.
Putri Rizky review Putri Rizky
So easy to use
Everytime you found confusing words or interested to know meaning of new words, just type it in the app and voila!
Toto Suryadi review Toto Suryadi
Sangat berguna sekali........
Singgih Mahardhika review Singgih Mahardhika
This is the first and always be my Android's device dictionary since April 2013.
Ichsan Aldiansyah review Ichsan Aldiansyah
Mudah untuk digunakan
Sonni Yudiastowo review Sonni Yudiastowo
Good application...
Yudhi Pramono review Yudhi Pramono
Bad update
Getting worst. Will be uninstall soon, if you don't fix this problem. Thx
Ahmad Rifat Fikri review Ahmad Rifat Fikri
Fathia Nuriy review Fathia Nuriy
Phrasal Verbs
You need to improve this dictionary by adding the phrasal verbs. Because this app doesnt provide any phrasal verbs. Hope you can improve this app as soon as possible. Thx.
Angela Yvone review Angela Yvone
Like it
Hope you'll improve some of your material
Kadrianta Sinulingga review Kadrianta Sinulingga
Good enough for me.
Frendy Halim review Frendy Halim
This is the most simple and best dictionary for me Keep it up!
Alditama Rachman review Alditama Rachman
Material design?