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NeuroNation - Focus and Brain Training
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🏆 Awarded with Google’s 'Best Apps of the year' prize! 🏆

NeuroNation - Your personalized brain training. Honored with the “LEONARDO”, the Health Award for Digital Prevention supported by the Federal Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Research.


✓ 28 fun exercises and 7 tailored courses
✓ Deep insights into your personal strengths and potential
✓ Personalized and scientifically developed training
✓ Precise peer-group insights – know where you stand right now
✓ Engaging gameplay and frequent new exercises


✓ Stay Focused
✓ Sharpen Your Mind
✓ Improve Memory
✓ Think Faster
✓ Achieve Success


A team of neuroscientists from the Free University of Berlin and training experts have been working on that topic for the last 7 years. They have been concerned with the question of whether the human brain and especially the working memory can be trained and strengthened.

After intensive research and development, we finally are happy to present the results: NeuroNation Brain Training Courses. It unites tailored exercises with an effective concept, which trains your brain as engaging as a game. The app provides an algorithmic “coach”, similar to a personal trainer at your gym: it recognizes your strengths and potentials and creates a personalized training plan accordingly to your specific needs.

Join 12.000.000 brain trainees worldwide and experience the results by yourself!


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Ferikkusu フェリックス review Ferikkusu フェリックス
after 2 minutes of pure brain training in hard conditions... I see no change my head is still the same size not a good app in my opinion. 1/10 would download again ?
Anadi Shanker review Anadi Shanker
Very good
A Google user review A Google user
Just for short-term memory training which is totally useless to me. Also it constantly annoys with its premium stuff for which they want monthly payments. What happened to Apps that could actually be bought?
Mircea Bordeianu review Mircea Bordeianu
Math challenge does not accept results.
There is no button to submit answer and you write correct answer in the windows and wait untill time expires. Also can't synhronise with my old profile. Idea is briliant but implementation is everything.
Madhuri Raj review Madhuri Raj
Josh Carbon review Josh Carbon
Good brain workout
Definitely works! This app gives your brain a boost or in my case a jump start. I see some noticable improvments in my overall intelligence. The only thing i would like to see is more numeracy challenges.
kay wise review kay wise
What happened to all the free games I used to be able to play? Now I'm stuck with the 3 free of the day. Sorry, I don't like the new version at all. Time to move on. I really enjoyed this app before the change.
Estee Pipicella review Estee Pipicella
Can't stop playing
I like it! But you should be able to unlock games with the credits you collect. Not a fan of having to pay and only have a couple of games to play every night.
Tana Goodwin review Tana Goodwin
Games are great but nothing else is
The training is varied, fun & I like it, but even after paying to unlock all the games, it still constantly pops up with an ad to unlock all the games. Also, I'm taking the time to rate it right this minute only because it's asked new to twice in 5 minutes. Why offer a remind me later button on rating if you're going to remind every 2 minutes to rate it. Hard to train my brain with constant interruptions.
Olga Flach review Olga Flach
When I started using it I could access most of the exercises as often as Iiked to. But now one has to pay in order to use the exercises. There are only 3 which can be accessed and they rotate every day. I bet many people uninstalled the app after they changed it.
A Google user review A Google user
The popups asking me to spend money on your app sometimes show up in a language other than English (German?). Also, for one of the unscrambling exercises, the app said I was incorrect because I uncrambled CAHE into EACH, when the app was looking for ACHE.
Alexis Dix review Alexis Dix
It's one of most challenging apps that I have. The exercises really push you. I am impressed with the changes made to the app.
andi putra agung review andi putra agung
Worst UI
Why neuronation change UI?, it worst ever i look
Amber I review Amber I
Don't listen to skeptics or poorly done biased experiments. This app will make your mind razor sharp
Ali İhsan Arslanpay review Ali İhsan Arslanpay
Very bad update