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We are glad to our present new online radio broadcasting app. Hundreds of radio stations of different genres are available in fast and small radio player.

Now you can listen to all the stations in high quality even with low speed Internet connection. Enjoy your favourite radio stations everywhere – whether you are driving your car or having a picnic with your friends – all you need is mobile Internet (24 Kbit/sec and more).

PCRADIO is battery efficient and can be controlled from your headset.

All the channels are divided into categories – electro, dance, pop, relax, rock etc – and available 24/7. We have selected the best channels of music, news and talk radio for you.

In the app you can listen to the stations:
News Radio
Sport Radio 99.3
Hit Pop Radio
Jazz FM
Deep FM
Relax FM
Lounge Hits
Deep Mix Radio
97 Country
Pop FM
Classical FM
News Talk 90.4
Classic Hits
Rock 104.5
Power FM
Radio Maria
Grace FM
The Edge
Mix Radio
Smile FM
Comedy Radio
Radio 90s
Retro FM
Salsa 98.5
Smooth Jazz
Dance FM
House Mix
Chillout Radio
and other radio stations in the player list.

To the owners of the radio stations: if you want to add or remove your station please contact us via [email protected]

Radio Online - PCRADIO APK reviews

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Sri Rama Krishna Tiragati review Sri Rama Krishna Tiragati
Lost all my favourites.
Shows that there are no favs set where I used to have around 20 of them. Otherwise a great app. Please fix.
A Google User review A Google User
Android Shane Alan Rodriguez
I like the quality and no hassles no crazy ads, at least on the subscribed one. The program runs well and uses less space than most for the platform. Quick loading of stations. Most stations work. Easy to use but if no stations show, reload. Good quality sound. What is wrong with making this the Editor's Choice? It seems better than the current other radios on Google Play. I always use it with WiFi while gaming. I noticed that when I open some high quality games, the sound changes like I'm mapping but hi Q.
Richard Phillips review Richard Phillips
Buggy as Hell
Complete crap. Record function puts the app into none function. You can't close the app down. Subscribed to be ripped off and canceled. .
Sergio Alvarez review Sergio Alvarez
salem clarkson review salem clarkson
best part of it is d discography section. being able to listen to dedicated channels for different artists. i expect more artists to be added.... but its simply great
siegen darby review siegen darby
Great app
Small in size and not a memory hog. And most of all it works!!! Downloaded others that didn't. Needs Muse,Green Day and Dave Matthews. but hay you can't have everything. Where would you put it?
shawn mullins review shawn mullins
Nags for rating
Nags every 15 seconds to be rated so I'm rating it low. Otherwise is good but needs to use banner adds and not the full screen ads that pop up every 5 minutes also
dan ofori review dan ofori
Best Internet radio app ever...It worked fine. Got all de stations in the world
Leroy Williams review Leroy Williams
Working Great for Me!
Haven't been using this App for a long time, but, so far it has worked well for me, and my needs. I especially appreciate that the Developer makes replies to many of the Commenters, addressing their concerns, with promises to keep working on improving the product. Can't 'reasonably' ask for more than that. However am saving the 5th Star rating for 'just in case'.
Gil D review Gil D
I like it much
It works fast and it has such variety of music from " all countries. What more do I need? Nothing! This one does a great job
Michael Kadjeski review Michael Kadjeski
Can't narrow to a particular country
This is great if you want to listen to music from Eastern Europe. I clicked on News/Talk and got one station from the US. Same for Pop.
spud tom review spud tom
Works great even at slow speeds on phone. The premium is well worth the price. One of the best I've tried and I've tried hundreds.
Mash Mellow review Mash Mellow
I like this app. But..
Why it stops after nearly 10 minutes of playing? Don`t know, where is the cause of this problem. Help!
Pavan Kumar review Pavan Kumar
Good App before last update.
It was working fine before last update, now it just stops buffering after a while after screen locks.. When unlocked, it resumes..
Jerry Loco review Jerry Loco
Just about flawless.
Always works. The best selection of music. Commercials are short and few apart. Copy n paste feature allows me to find the songs i like later. Can't say enough great things about this app.