Shoot Bubble Deluxe APK

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This is the most classic and amazing shooting bubble buster game. This deluxe version is the only one that contains both Puzzle Mode & Arcade Mode.

Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them burst. Clear all the bubbles to level up.

How to play - Don't use the arrows on the bottom, just tap on the game board where you specifically want the ball. Click the menu key to select levels and other options. There is no witch craft in this bubble shooter game, just stick to the game with patience.

Game Features:
1. Puzzle Mode - 300 fun levels of saga puzzles of bubble shoot
2. Arcade Mode - The bubbles will go down gradually so you need to shoot quickly to avoid death
3. Game Center - You will get 10 points for each blast of bubbles and can submit the high score to global leader board.

Notes: The first 100 levels of the puzzle mode are derived from frozen bubble and the remaining levels are self-created.

Shoot Bubble Deluxe APK reviews

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Eva Cardenas review Eva Cardenas
Eva Cardenas
Like& then not because when shouting only some go were u aim
sonia shanzer review sonia shanzer
I love this game.
It's so addictive. It's awesome.
Mohammad Shaheer review Mohammad Shaheer
Good game
I like this game I have unlock all levels
Goh Zhong Sian review Goh Zhong Sian
instead of saying loser when you lose you should encourage them so we will keep playing do you guys even know about game??? how bout the company is the loser ah wait it is already is a loser company
Brendan Poland review Brendan Poland
Love this game
Anyone that complains about this game are moans. There is nothing wrong with it. You get ads- THE GAME IS FRICKING FREE!! The bubble drifts- YOU ARE CRUD AT PLAYING! I have been playing this game for 3 years and still haven't beaten it! I LOVE IT!! Lol
A Google User review A Google User
This is alsome keep me from being mad focus
hm patel review hm patel
Hem's patel
It's free time pass game.
Rachel C review Rachel C
I am addicted to this game...and now the ads are in my way. I need to find a new game.
Komal Abid review Komal Abid
Best game ever.. fav one <3
Michele Barnett review Michele Barnett
Shakeelaa Banu review Shakeelaa Banu
Playing past two months in same level 65 very tuff
Julia Mumson review Julia Mumson
Shooting games
I think ot good game to play
Sophia Nash review Sophia Nash
Hours of fun...very addictive
DWARAMPUDI veerendra REDDY review DWARAMPUDI veerendra REDDY
I love it
Gd time pass 4 me
LaTonya Bellard review LaTonya Bellard
Slightly Displeased
I've had this game on all of my electronics it's really good to pass time but I truly hate this new update, mainly because I no longer have the option to turn off the volume or go to levels I've previously played as I could before! I also hate all the ads and pop ups other than that I'd give it a 5 Star ?