Yousician - Learn Guitar, Piano, Bass & Ukulele APK

Yousician - Learn Guitar, Piano, Bass & Ukulele
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YOUSICIAN - the fast, fun way to learn, play and master the Piano, Guitar, Bass or Ukulele. Enjoy thousands of songs on your REAL INSTRUMENT!
(supports acoustic and electric instruments)


Yousician is your personal music tutor for the digital age. Learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want. The app listens to you play and gives instant feedback on your accuracy and timing. Our curriculum, designed by expert music teachers, will help musicians of all levels improve, from complete beginners to professionals.

Step-by-step video tutorials guide you through each lesson. Fun and addictive gameplay tracks your progress and keeps you motivated to practice and learn. You’ll be amazed how fast your skills advance. So go grab your guitar, bass or ukulele, or go sit at your piano or keyboard, and start playing now!

Who is this for?
• Pianists, Guitarists, Bass & Ukulele players
• Complete beginners
• Advanced & professional musicians
• Music teachers

What is included?
• Over 1,500 missions & exercises, with hundreds of videos, covering all the skills you need: sight reading sheet music, classical and pop songs for Piano, and for Guitar, Bass and Ukulele you’ll learn chords, strumming, melodies, lead, fingerpicking and more.
• Yousician also teaches you music theory and Includes special trainers for each skill & chord.
• A Weekly Challenge, where you can compete with friends and millions of Yousicians worldwide.

How does it work?
• It listens to you play the piano, guitar, bass or ukulele
• It gives you instant feedback on your performance
• It takes you through awesome songs and step-by-step tutorials that suit your playing level
• It makes learning fun with rewarding gameplay and challenges

Yousician has been developed with the world’s most innovative and experienced music teachers. It is perfectly suited for self-learning or as a supplement to learning with a teacher. With step-by-step tutorials and constant feedback you can always be sure you’re playing right.

Teachers all over the world are using Yousician with their students in private lessons, small groups, and classrooms. Yousician keeps students engaged, helps build technical ability and timing, and increases practice between lessons. Learn more at

Yousician is played with a real instrument, and requires no additional equipment. The microphone listens to you play and the app tells you how you're performing.

Unlimited playtime across all platforms.
We offer the following premium plans:
- 1 instrument: 1 month: $19.99, 1 year: $119.99.
- All instruments (piano + guitar + ukulele) : 1 month: $29.99, 1 year: $179.99
These prices are for US. Pricing in other countries may vary.

Your Yousician Premium subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term and your credit card will be charged through Stripe. You can upgrade to all-instrument plans, and unsubscribe without contacting our support (Settings > Profile). If you use a Google Play store account, you can cancel your subscription from there.

Yousician is the largest and fastest growing music educator in the world. We believe musicality can and should be as commonplace as literacy.

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Yousician - Learn Guitar, Piano, Bass & Ukulele APK reviews

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Joe Minarik review Joe Minarik
This is really a great app. I am an intermediate guitar player and find the lessons very useful and the app easy to use. This is a great concept and wished I had this sooner! My one complaint of this app is not the app itself, it's the membership. I wish it was more affordable, perhaps $9.99/month instead of $19.99 would have sold me. (And yes, I do know that if I pay 1 year upfront, it is $9.99/month, but I can't afford nor would I pay put out $119.99 for an app that may not work well in the future.) Lower the monthly membership price, easily a 5 star app!
Tony Manzolillo review Tony Manzolillo
Read some reviews regarding more time with free play and less ads. I disagree, yes the ads are annoying, but the app is excellent. I've never played the guitar before and this is likely the only way I'll ever be able to teach myself. Thanks for the app and the free lessons. I appreciate them for now until I'm confident I'll stick with it and then I'll buy. Definitely worth the purchase at the current rate.
David Davidson review David Davidson
Good concept
Good concept but dosnt really work. Have tried this with both acoustic and elleteic guitar and it won't pick up what I'm playing during songs.. Yet it picks up what I'm playing during tuning. Have also tested this on bluestacks with a pro mic and it still only picks up sound whilst in tuning phase, the rest of the time during lessons, challenges and songs it shows no notes played. Not worth the monthly price your arsking. Not when you can YouTube for free.
Charles Grizzard review Charles Grizzard
Love learning, but...
It's fine you guys have a business, it's fine that you have a limiter on the time you can help us learn. It's (kind of) fine you have monthly subscriptions, just stop shoving the "Hey, subscribe!" down my throat every time I'm playing alone. Give me the notification once then leave me alone. You guys did a great job with teaching people how to play, but the free users stuffer from these constant pop ups.
Callip Hall review Callip Hall
Great app, but the long videos, so frequently, are very frustrating during lessons.
Great, but hard to really get into it and having a logging in issue tonight (cannot login, as is their server is down or something).
rizz monster review rizz monster
free rocksmith?!?
kinda. too bad you advertise your premium service too much. constant emails and popup adds. glitchy lesson timer has me playing 2 minutes every other day. no excuses. recode it so you get a new session each day. ten lines of code tops. good luck detecting chords in anything but absolute silence. cool original practice pieces though.
Christian Russell review Christian Russell
It will not pick up sound
I have tried and tried again to make it pick up my sound I have tried playing quiet and I've tried playing loud and everything in between and it just doesn't pick it up please fix this I would love to use this app but I cannot if you guys don't do something about the sound recognition. thank you.
Emilia Doran review Emilia Doran
Good idea but really faulty
It keeps telling me to check my tuning even though I tune my guitar every time I play. When I play the songs it marks notes as "incorrect" or "missed" even though I play the note. It only let's you play about 25- 30 minutes a day and it only lets you get adequate lesson time if you buy premium for a ridiculous price. It's a good concept but it's really frustrating to work with.
Give Lord Remplais review Give Lord Remplais
Perfect for learning how to play!!
I've tried so many different methods to learn the guitar but litterally none have been as effective as this app! The pace is perfect and it's so easy to understand!
Britton Crowther review Britton Crowther
Finally Impressed
Was very terrible when I first tried, it does depend on the phone or device. Got a new phone and tried it again and it works flawlessly so far, so great with rock Smith cable hooked to computer that I paid for the premium edition, I'm addicted now, premium edition is the only way to get the full potential from this app in my honest opinion
Lilibeth R. review Lilibeth R.
GREAT APP. In depth review, not rant.
Most people have 1 of 3 complaints: 1. Ads are long/Practice is short (it's a free app u mooch). 2. User set-up failures, not the app's. 3. Recurring $10 charge (aka user didn't read). Ignore those posts. While it's true 1 could learn guitar on YouTube, u'd never get the experience u get with this app. It allows for customized practice & feedback. It's cohesive & u can test out. No YT acct can give u that. Lessons can easily run $200/month vs this $10/month. 5 ?s when I can do ONE lifetime payment.
Matt Maffet review Matt Maffet
Worked great until I rated it. Ever since I've rated it the timing and scores have been 1 star when they should have perfect. I used to love this app until it asked me to rate it and I did. A total waste of $120. I should have just played it for free.
chris wolcott review chris wolcott
It bugs me constantly to rate it so here it goes...
App is a good idea and concept. Everyone wants to learn guitar to get chicks. I installed this and also bought rocksmith. It may be free put it shoves the premium membership in your face every 4 mins. If you dont go premium you have what seems like 10 free mins of lesson time with feedback a day. If it wasnt $120 upfront for their premium I might have done it. Rocksmith 2014 cost me $40 and has real songs. Plus its much easier to learn with colored strings. Rocksmith is your best bet and bang for your buck.
Cameron Brown review Cameron Brown
Small Complaints
I understand that you have to promote your premium package but those commercials always interrupt my practices and missions and cause me to mess up notes. Would it be possible to make the tuner available on the home screen? This way I can tune my guitar before each lesson instead of having to pause the lesson (or open Guitar Tuna). I do love all of the thought that was placed into making the app.(I tell my friends that it's what Guitar Hero should have been). I've picked my guitar up on and off again for several years but this is the first time I've ever eagerly awaited practice each day. I hate spending money but your app is seriously making me consider getting a job to pay for unlimited lessons.
Serena Anderson review Serena Anderson
Love it!
It teaches and helps you so much better than just reading out of a book or watching videos that are confusing! You should get this app! It's great.